Something a Little Different

Today I am not going to get on my soap box about the economy and how it has been mismanaged by this administration and in fact other administrations as well; however, this community organizer is at the pinnacle of fiduciary maleficence with our tax dollars.

To the point for today;  Communication.  Specifically, communication with our off spring. Yes those little gremlins who have now grown to be walking, thinking, rationalizing, and somewhat productive young adults. I have learned a valuable lesson recently as it relates to communicating with my off spring.

They actually see, hear, observe, remember, and hold in judgment (sometimes) all of our actions. It may amaze you but they can remember things from there basinet.  Oh yes, they can.  They accurately remember the time I went to a sporting event and left them with a sitter when they were months old! So can you imagine the stuff they remember when they were teens.

On a serious note, I have learned they can be scarred or let’s say effected emotionally from listening, observing, and remembering (as they see it) and most importantly come to judgment when witnessing arguments and or disagreements amongst their parents.  It’s important to sit and chat with your children about things that they witness first hand.  This will help them put into perspective what they witness and it allows you to create reality rather than letting them come to their own misguided conclusions.

Active listening is one item you are never taught as they hand you your bundle of joy in the hospital. This skill set is essential if you want to have a relationship with your child. Look it up, learn it and use it. Your young adult needs to feel you are engaged even if it’s for just that five minute conversation. LISTEN actively; it will reward you time and time again.

Let’s be clear, parenting is tough stuff in of itself, put on top of that someone who wants to be their kid’s best friend and whose idea of discipline is an ice cream Sunday after you scolded them for doing something that society says is wrong. Like using your credit card number to get a tattoo or taking a trip to the Bahamas with a friend.  If you are the weakest link in the family disciplinary chain for 26 years how do you all of sudden become the iron fist overnight.  COMMUNICATION.

It’s never too late to be the parent you were meant to be, you just need to understand the rules of open, honest, trusting dialogue between you and your gremlins.